We all need comic relief once in a while, so on the lighter side, this page features contests you can enter.  If you must live with the challenges these roads present, why not at least get a little fame out of it?  Is your road a contender for the title of "Worst Discontinued Road?"  Or do you have an innovative method of road maintenance?  Have you written a song, poem, or short story about your experiences with a discontinued or abandoned road?  Got a good joke about mud roads?  (We've heard a few!) Send an email to and give it your best shot.

A couple of years ago I discovered the “Worst Road in Maine” contest, and figured our road would beat any of the entries hands down. But it turned out they were looking for the worst PAVED PUBLIC road, so ours didn’t count.
Well, this year I thought it would be fun for Maine ROADWays to have a contest of our own.

THE RULES ARE PRETTY SIMPLE. Just send us your favorite Maine “bad road” photos with a paragraph or two telling us about your road, or if you don't have any photos, send your favorite bad road story.  Please include the legal status of the road if known. Unpaved roads are definitely eligible in this contest, although paved roads may also be entered as long as they are not regularly kept in repair by the public.  (Road association roads are okay.)
DIVISIONS:  Depending on what kind of response we get, we may have to add more rules, or separate the entries into DIVISIONS (discontinued road, abandoned road, public easement, residential discontinued road, paved or unpaved, most bungled discontinuance process, road association, best story, best photo(s), etc.) Some of you may find it tempting to pour out your frustrations in several pages, and for now I’m not going to prohibit that, but be forewarned that your entry is apt to be posted on the Maine ROADWays facebook page. (Please keep the language appropriate. I reserve the right to edit.)
HISTORY DIVISION - Since this is our first year, I’m also including a division for pictures that weren’t taken this year, as I know there are some goodies out there! Just include the approximate year in which the picture was taken.
WHAT’S THE PRIZE? Hmmm, any suggestions for what I could give out on a $0 budget? How about a free question and answer session about abandoned and discontinued roads? Or an hour’s free research tracking down the legal status of your road? Or maybe a hand-made poster proclaiming, “Build a Better Public Easement and the World Will BEAT the Pathway to Your Door?” Or would anyone like to donate screen printing of that message on a tee shirt?  UPDATE - MARA has donated a DVD of the Oak Hill Road Wars documentary that we can use as a grand prize!  Also, someone suggested a tire patch kit would make a good prize!
SEND YOUR ENTRY TO All entries can be used by Maine ROADWays on our facebook page or on this website. Please let us know if you do NOT want us to also use your material to convince the legislature that this is a problem that needs their attention.
ENTRY DEADLINE - Entries will be accepted at least until mud season is over, so if you live in Fort Kent, please let us know when things have firmed up!
For ideas, take a look at the photo section of this website.  (My own pictures are not eligible for entry, of course, so don't be intimidated if yours doesn't look nearly as bad!  There will be plenty of categories, so unless we get a huge number of entries, there's a good chance you'll win something.)
Check out the Contest Entries page to see what we have so far.
Okay, so response to my contest challenge hasn't been great. A few people have expressed interest in entering, but so far I have only one actual entry in hand. So here's a little incentive: Betsy Bowen, who did the Oak Hill Road Wars documentary, has donated a DVD of that documentary that I can use for First Prize in the contest! 

I am also expanding the eligibility requirements. ANY ROAD THAT IS NOT KEPT IN REPAIR WITH PUBLIC FUNDS IS NOW ELIGIBLE. That includes roads that are supposed to be kept in repair by the public, but aren't, or aren't kept up to "safe and convenient" standard. It also includes ROADS IN OTHER STATES! Let's see how they compare. I do know that at least New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut all have similar road problems.
ALSO, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PICTURES, A STORY WILL DO. I'd rather have pictures, but I won't exclude someone who has a good story but didn't get a picture of the bad road conditions.
SEND YOUR ENTRY TO, or send me an email for instructions if you'd rather mail it. All entries can be used by Maine ROADWays on our facebook page or on our website. Please let us know if you do NOT want us to also use your material to convince the legislature that this is a problem that needs their attention.

What would be your dream machine?  What do you do if you can't afford that dream machine?  Send a description or a picture to, and if we like your idea, we'll post it on this website and on the Maine ROADWays facebook page.  

(c) Roberta Manter 2016

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